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For dogs who love the outdoors, but not the insects!

Our products have a unique,
     inbuilt insect protection.

It's invisible, odourless and
     very effective.

Did we mention our products
     are also stylish and

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WILD Dogz Australia insect control dogwear range is specially designed to provide long lasting, effective and convenient insect protection for your dog.

     A revolutionary new range of dogwear with insect protection!

  •      Products: Dog coats, harnesses, vests, bandannas, blankets and more!
  •      All with unique patented process that embeds the insect protection deep within the fabric fibres
  •      Helps protect your dog from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, sandflies, midges and other biting insects
  •      The insect protection is effective, odourless & colourless
  •      EPA registered
  •      Remains effective for the expected lifetime of the garment/product
  •      Tested, proven and effective
  •      Recommended and sold by Vets
  •      WILD Dogz Spokesperson is celebrity vet Dr Rob Zammit
  •      Repels insects including those that can carry Lyme disease, West Nile virus, Malaria, and other insect-borne     diseases
  •      WILD Dogz is an Australian company now selling internationally
  •      Technology is the result of years of research and field study
  •      Easy-care- Normal home laundering is recommended
  •      For dogs of all ages


Dr Rob Zammit says: No one insect control product is 100% effective on all species, WILD Dogz will play an important future role as one of the jigsaw pieces in the fight against insects.

Every year, millions of dogs around Australia are pestered by annoying insects, carrying diseases and causing skin problems.... Help protect your dog today!


An entire Dog Range with an added benefit for dogs!

Our Insect Range is unique, the results speak for themselves:

See IS Mosquito testing Video

See IS Tick testing Video

Does your dog suffer from skin conditions, insect bites, or get pestered by flies and midges? Our insect control range provides the perfect solution all year round!

We have a range of stylish, comfortable dog clothing and accessories for dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages – all with the added benefit of our latest technology, design and unique insect protection!

Our coats feature a superb, easy-fit design with shoulder darts to ensure there are no movement restrictions, along with the highest quality fastenings and fabrics.

Insect Control RangeLet your dog enjoy our great fitting body protectors, our lightweight mesh coats, our funky bandannas, vests, harnesses, blankets and much more!











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