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Our Technology

There are more than 2,000 species of fleas, 850 species of ticks, 2,700 species of mosquitoes, 700 species of sandflies and of course a never ending supply of flies. All these insects can carry diseases that can cause your dog to experience a number of serious health issues.

Our goal at WILD Dogz is to help protect your dog from biting insects so they can live happy, healthy lives. That’s why we have invested so much in our technology to ensure our products provide an effective way of keeping your dog safe throughout the year.

Effective Technology

The effective insect repellent used in our products has been developed after many years of research and advancements in textile technology. We have formulated a patented method that allows us to bind insect deterrents to the fabric fibres of our WILD Dogz products. This process deeply unites the fabric fibres with an insect deterrent to ensure a long-lasting, odourless and colourless barrier against many common, biting insects.

Knockdown Testing Overview

Knockdown rate (KD) is the most widely used testing method to determine the effectiveness of insect repellent fabrics. Many recognised agencies utilise KD testing for this purpose, including the World Health Organisation (WHO). One of the advantages of KD testing is that no animal subjects are exposed to insects.

KD is scientifically measured on fabrics before and after washing. A repellent treated textile sample is placed in an enclosed space containing insects for a specified time period, after which the sample is removed and the insects’ reaction is documented. Knockdown rates are recorded at 15 min and 60 min intervals after exposure to the treated fabrics.

The test results below illustrate the superior effectiveness of our technology.

Wild Dogz Australia TecnologyAverage knockdown is determined using at least 10 replicates of a particular species and wash combination.


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