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Wild Dogz Doggie Danna

Doggie Danna

Wild Dogz Dog Harness

Dogz Harness

Wild Dogz Vest

Dogz Vest

Wild Dogz Body Protector

Dogz Body Protector

Wild Dogz Dog Coat - Mesh

Dogz Coat - Mesh

Wild Dogz Dog Coat - Fleece

Dogz Coat - Fleece

Dog Blanket

Dogz Blanket

Why Choose WILD Dogz?

If your dog suffers from skin conditions and insect bites, has a poor coat condition or odour, is pestered by flies or just needs to be kept protected from the elements, our products provide the perfect easy solution. Wild Dogz provides stylish, comfortable dog apparel and accessories such as blankets and more - all with the added benefit of our latest technology, design and unique insect protection!

Our patented technology infuses insect protection deep within the fabric fibres, so there's no mess, no smell, and no fuss! Just effective, odourless, invisible protection for your best friend.

Our products are safe for dogs and puppies of all ages, so if you think your pet deserves some stylish new gear that will also help deter nasty biting insects and more, then click below to see our range of products.

Insect Control Range

Antibacterial Range


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