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Why is this year a particularly bad tick, flea and insect season?

The weather, moisture and heat has combined to making this year particularly bad for fleas and ticks as well as flies and mosquitoes. 

How have WILD DOGZ products proven to demonstrate they can ward off insects, and explain how it works. 

Ticks cause a paralysis that starts at the tail base and works its way up the dog’s spine. Once the nerve supplying the diaphragm, the dog can no longer breathe and dies of respiratory failure. Anything that can help prevent ticks has to be beneficial to any caring dog owner and the WILD DOGZ range is a great addition to assist in preventing ticks climbing aboard in your dog in the first place. Nothing is 100% effective so check your dog regularly in tick season, but WILD DOGZ will help. Fleas cause severe skin allergies and again, these coats have been fabulous at minimising these critters on my dogs, so they’ll work for you. ‘Mozzies’ can carry heartworm and other diseases and WILD DOGZ coats will cut down that potential risk. 

Why would you recommend this range to dog owners? 

I can tell you I honestly use these coats on my dogs. My dogs are an integral part of my family; they live inside with us and sleep in our bedrooms (sometimes on the bed, I will add). Keeping them parasite-free is essential and the WILD DOGZ range of products helps me do just that so I do recommend them to any caring dog owner. 


"Living on a large, rural block of land in the Northern Territory, I have always had problems with controlling fleas and ticks. Recently my Irish Wolfhound gave birth to 6 beautiful puppies, but we couldn't find them for two days as she hid them in a pandanus tree on the other side of our block! When I finally found them, I was shocked to see that they were covered in fleas, they were only a day and a half old and there were clumps of fleas surrounding their unopened eyelids and all over their bellies. I had recently bought a WILD Dogz insect protection blanket so I quickly laid it out and placed all six of the puppies on the blanket and waited to see what would happen. Within seconds I saw fleas bouncing all over the place as the puppies wriggled over the blanket. Within 10 minutes the fleas were all dead and the puppies could go back to their mum, who wears an Insect Protection Vest! Safe to say, I am a very happy customer, with some very happy puppies!" - Samantha




I love my new WILD Dogz products and I feel like I am being a good mother protecting my babies.  I love walking with my girls in their colour co-ordinated vests with their matching pink Doggie Dannas. They look so stylish and I know they are being protected at the same time.  

Deb Deane, Interior Stylist 


 We refer all our clients to Wild Horse Australia when being called out to a horse that is being plagued by insects or has Qld Itch.  I use the Insect Control rugs on all my own horses and when I got my Quarterhorse mare, she had no mane or tail and her skin was very elephant-like.  The previous owners had used everything under the sun to no avail but once she was covered with her Wild Horse Rug with attached hood, the change like a miracle and her hair has now grown back and she is a very happy horse!! 

Dr Nigel Taylor B.V.Sc (University of Qld) , Village Veterinary Care Clinic, Logan Village, Qld.

My horse has always been one of those itchy horses - he would scratch himself senseless even removing skin.  Just over 5 years ago my horse developed chronic non-healing eye ulcers which turned out to be related to his allergies resulting in the need for eye surgery.  I have struggled every spring/summer to manage eyes (an coat), desperately trying to keep the flies, mosquitoes and midges off him.  This year I tried a 'Wild Horse Australia' fly mask and I was amazed. Within minutes there were literally no flies on him. Within days his puffy weepy eyes settled down - even the Veterinarian was impressed.   I have since purchased a mesh combo and I'm equally impressed.  I cant recommend Wild Horse Australia Products more highly - for both the comfort of your horse and for your piece of mind.  

Dr Georgina Learmonth BSc PhD


 I can honestly say that over the many years that I have been struggling to keep my itchy horses comfortable and looking great I think that I have tried every lotion, cream, shampoo, insect repellent and rug on the market! I have been desperate many times and have even resorted to selling my itchy horses to the colder Southern climates just to make the lives of my lovely horses happier.

 Initially I was a little sceptical about purchasing the 5 new rugs that I needed to protect our itchy horses, but now one year after I spent the money, I realise they are the best investment that I have ever made to assist in the on going battle to protect our itchy horses from the insect bites that can, if left un-treated, result in such hideous irritation, pain, frustration and weight loss.

 Thank you very much to the entire team at Wild Horse Australia.

Zelie Bullen - Professional Animal Trainer.


 I have a horse with a chronic allergy to mosquito and midge bites. So chronic he needed cortisone injections, daily and evening repellent spraying and night time stabling. His skin was so bad I couldn’t ride him all through summer. It was so devastating to see him like he was. 
I REJOICED when I found the Wildhorse Rugs. His life is SO much different now. It keeps the mossies completely under control even with the extra risk of  us living by the river with a huge population of mosquitos and midges. 

 He is not getting bitten and in fact for the first time in a long time in summer, he has a beautiful mane and tail (normally they were all rubbed out by mid Dec). If you have a horse with a sensitivity to biting insects this is your solution.

Tara King - Horse Owner 








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